Networks & Neighborhood I

Overview: Documentation of narratives shared by participants about their strongly gendered experience of local public spaces.

Participants: Women of Khirkee Extension and other surround localities: Hauz Rani, Khirkee Gaon, Panchsheel Vihar. Overall, 45 women from the ages of 18-30 were engaged in conversation. This number tapered off over the weeks to 35 women, who formed four groups; of these participants a few attended irregularly, so attendance at each session varied from 12 to 15 participants. Participant backgrounds: Ethnically and culturally diverse; included domestic help, factory workers, home-makers, sellers of food items such as momos and vegetables, school-going teenagers

Revue’s intention was to continuously stimulate expression through dialogue and active listening, motivated by an ethic of sharing that sought to expand the way participants experienced and negotiated deeply gendered public spaces in Khirkee and surrounding localities. There was no intention to resolve any problems and or to impose concepts. This practice of open-ended collaboration, in which the women primarily and freely drew upon their own subjectivity and knowledge bases, elicited remarkably sophisticated responses from participants throughout the project.

Duration: 3 months (June-August 2014)

Supported by: Khoj International Artists Association, New Delhi