Networks & Neighborhood II

The year long art project ( April 2015-June 2016) was exploring how art intervene in mobilizing women from different background to create their own space in public. Through creative engagement how it is possible for the women to make self-sustaining spaces.

To achieve this end Revue worked primarily with groups of adolescents and young adults. These groups share their thoughts and creative practices to develop idea for how there can be more intervention by the young women in the public spaces in the locality of Khirkee-Hauz Rani, where the visibility of men is dominant.

There was also an intent in the project, to draw men on the street into a dialogue about the gender equality in terms of the acceptance of women in male-associated professions, as well as dialogue about the visibility of women in public spaces through creative engagement, like wall painting, performances , local magazine and etc.

Magazine website

Duration: 2015-16

Supported by: Khoj International Artists Association, New Delhi

Map Making

Wall Paintings

Public Performances

Cycling on the streets of Khirki


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