2018, What Place is kitchen, What Place Community an exhibition of year-long project by Revue in collaboration with migrant women from different ethnic background of an Urban village, curated by Akansha Rastogi at Kiran Nader Museum, Saket, New Delhi, India

2017, Conversation in Time, Mobile Mohall Project, Kiran Nadar Museum, New Delhi

2016, 15th May, Networks and Neighborhood, Exhibition, Khoj

2016, The Playground Project an installation of research project on sixty years of playgrounds Curated by Gabriela Burkhalter, Kunsthalle Zürich , Switzerland

2014, Frozen Words an installation conceptualized from the residency at Akihabara, Tokyo showed at Japan Foundation New Delhi, India

2014, An installation with interviews on Art and Social Change Research Project: New Delhi curated by Mercedes Vicente at The Physics Room in the South Island and Te Tuhi in Auckland, New Zealand.

2013, Invisible Constellation, Net Art, part of exhibition Dear Angel curated by Suzy O’Hara at Globe Gallery, New Castle UK .

2013, Beyond the Line, curated show by curators Mirjam Varadinis, Rikimi Madhukaillya & Avijna Bhattacharya for Kochi Muziris Biennale, Kerala

2013, Beyond the Line, curated show by curators Mirjam Varadinis, Rikimi madhukaillya & Avijna Bhattacharya for video lounge India Art Fair, New Delhi.

2012, Invisible Constellation in Khoj Dustak, ten years of Khoj’s engagement with Khirki, Khoj International Artists Association, New Delhi

2011, Viewpoint Telescope, an installation, Public Art Festival, Hornbill festival, Kohima, Nagaland

2011, In Conversation with Akihabara, Akiba Lab, Tokyo

2009, Publik Booth, Asia House, Visiting Arts, London

2009, Publik Booth, Storytelling Event, Scottish Story Telling Centre, Edinburgh

2009, The Park, Open Day, Public Art Project, FICA-Ankur, New Delhi, India

2009, Influences on Imageability, Public Art Project, FICA-Ankur, New Delhi, India

2009, Why Cube is not Perfect, ISEA Belfast, Ireland UK

2009, Belfast and Beyond, ISEA Performance, screenings, site activities; curated by C- 13, initiated by PS2, BelFast, UK

2008, An Evening with our Park, an event, The Park, Public Art Project, FICA-Ankur, New Delhi, India

2008, Swap Shots, a mobile film exchange curated by Roxane Permar, 7th International Festival of Experimental Art at the Manezh, St Petersburg, Russia

2008, City[in]visible, Khoj International Artist’s Association, New Delhi, India