The Park


Host: Ankur Society for Alternatives in Education
Support: FICA, New Delhi, 2008-09

This work for Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art involves an Ankur project focused on reforming an existing municipal park as a community space in the south Delhi working-class locality of Dakshinpuri. This neglected park was being used as a short-cut through the locality, and as a garbage dump and latrine. Our project was executed through a series of workshops and dispersed interactions, including discussions and sketches, within the community. We documented narratives of collective and shared spaces which local residents had experienced at different times in their life. The ‘new’ design of the park, based on the visualizations and expectations of local residents, emerged through our dialogue with the community. The entire process of actually rendering the design, from obtaining municipal permissions to reworking the material environment, took about 2 years.

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