Invisible Constellation

Support: Khoj International Artists Association, New Delhi, 2010  (Not available right now)

Delhi underwent massive civic transformation prior to hosting the 2010 Commonwealth Games. This state-sponsored visible urban change is not an isolated event – it is happening continuously, on micro- as well as mega- levels. At the same time, citizens are also becoming increasingly paranoid and territorial about public space – open areas are becoming gated, and ‘ghettoes’ – including up-market/high-end accommodation – are manifesting as people increasingly feel the need to live close to others like themselves, and create communities that have similar aspirations and lifestyle.

Through constellations of dots on an invisible map, our interactive project attempts to link events relating to urban demolitions, displacements and gentrification happening around the world today. Each narrative is directly uploaded by the user through following instructions on a simple user-friendly form.



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